Howard Tenens Get First Euro 6 Dual-fuel CNG Vehicle in Europe

Mercedes Benz Actros CNG dual fuel Euro 6UK logistics company Howard Tenens will shortly take delivery of the first Euro 6 dual-fuel CNG vehicle in Europe. Howard Tenens and Prins Autogas have successfully converted a Mercedes-Benz Actros Euro 6 type vehicle to run on duel fuel — Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) and diesel. The innovation provides a solution to the conundrum facing the dual-fuel vehicle technology industry in adapting a Euro 6 type vehicle to run using the carbon saving technology.
Howard Tenens approached Prins to provide a solution to converting Euro 6 tractor units to dual fuel as part of their search for an innovative technology partner. Howard Tenens needed a solution sooner than the predicted 2 year timescale that an OEM dual-fuel vehicle solution would be available in to ensure the momentum in the industry was maintained.
The conversion work is now complete on the Mercedes-Benz Actros and on 3rd November 2014 Howard Tenens will take delivery. The Mercedes-Benz Actros 2445 will benefit from a 12.8/450 bhp Euro 6 engine, GVW 44,000kg operation, predictive powertrain control and a 93KG CNG capacity. The Mercedes-Benz will shortly be followed by a DAF CNG conversion. Howard Tenens will be carrying out various fuel trials involving both CNG and Diesel Euro 6 vehicles over the coming months.

Howard Tenens CNG dual-fuel truck signageThis is a monumental achievement for both Howard Tenens and Prins. Jamie Hartles, Commercial and Marketing Director stated: “We are proud to be taking delivery of the first Euro 6 dual fuel conversion, not only in the UK but in Europe. The partnership between Howard Tenens and Prins supports our commitment to sustainable logistics, underpinned by an enthusiastic and forward thinking approach to engineering which surmounts challenges.”
Will Putter – Commercial Director Prins UK said: “Prins Autogassystemen B.V. exceeded our expectations in producing the engine system in under two months. This is a testament to the quality and flexibility of the Prins Dieselblend-2.1 system. Prins UK have formed a great partnership with Howard Tenens who we find to be a forward thinking and innovative logistics company and look forward to more pioneer projects down the road. Prins UK will have 3 different makes of Euro 6 conversion systems available running natural gas by the end of Q1 2015.”

One thought on “Howard Tenens Get First Euro 6 Dual-fuel CNG Vehicle in Europe

  1. Krystian Szymczak

    You’re saying in the article that Prins is the first to convert Euro 6 to dual fuel, while Solaris Diesel is on Euro 6 trucks for the past 2 years, Scania, Mercedes, DAF, MAN alone is over 80 Euro 6 trucks running in dual fuel mode.


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