Slovakia CNG filling stations

last updated 9.2018 12-filling stations – average price 1.08 €/kg-04.2017 (old prices 1.06 €/kg-01.2017; 1.23€/kg – 09.2014)

Banska BystricaPartizanska Cesta 97+421455322493Work Days 7-15; Holidays - ClosedSAD Zvolen
Banska BystricaKremnicka+421258692222Unmanned 0-23:59Credit Card-only
Bratislava(Jurajov Dvor) Ul. Pri Dvore+421258692222Unmanned 0-23:59Credit Card-only
BratislavaPristavna 5823+421258692222Unmanned 0-23:59Credit Card-only
Dunajska StredaIstvana Gyurcsoa 5552/
KosiceAreal DPMK; Hornadska+421258692222Unmanned 0-23:59Credit Card-only
KomarnoNovozamocka cesta 3074+421258692222Unmanned 0-23:59Credit Card-only
MichalovcePlynarenska+421258692222Unmanned 0-23:59Credit Card-only
Nove Mesto nad VahomLudmily Podjavorinskej 10+421258692222Unmanned 0-23:59Credit Card-only
NitraBratislavska+421258692222Unmanned 0-23:59Credit Card-only
ZilinaZavodska cesta+421258692222Unmanned 0-23:59Credit Card-only
Zvolen-Pod HarajchomBalkan 53+421455313156Work Days 7-17;Holidays-ClosedSAD Zvolen

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