Luxembourg CNG filling stations, Luxemburg CNG-Tankstellen,
Stations de remplissage GNV Luxembourg

last updated 1.2019 – price 0.68 Euro/Kg(2017)

Käerjeng28 Avenue De Luxembourg+35223651448Every Day Closed 1.2019
Lintgen37 Principale Rd+352329951Every Day
Luxembourg246 Route de Longwy+352446736Every Day
Remerschen124 Route du Waistrooss Vin+35226665634Every Day
Luxembourg3 Trèves Rd+352422722Every Day
Schifflange26 Rue Denis Netgen+35226530641Every Day Closed 1.2019

3 thoughts on “Luxembourg

  1. Pepe

    The CNG station in Käerjeng was closed and dismantled in August 2018. This closing is the consequence of the decision taken by the Government of Luxembourg of closing all the CNG pumps, but the one in Merl and the one in Findel.

  2. Paddy

    December 18th 2018
    CNG is no longer available in the Shifflange station, nor at the Kaerjeng one either. DO NOT BOTHER DRIVING THERE AS YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.


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