The HAM gas station network incorporates a new LNG station in Madrid

The HAM gas station network incorporates a new LNG station in Madrid
The new station is located in Velilla de San Antonio

ham-lng-carrascoA new liquefied natural gas (LNG) service station opens in Madrid, located at the Transportes Carrasco facilities, at Calle Tambora 4, Velilla de San Antonio, Madrid (GPS: 40.346005, -3.469620), next to the M-208, one of the roads of the main network of the Community of Madrid, which connects the M-300 in Arganda del Rey with the M-203, at the height of Mejorada del Campo.

HAM Carrasco, designed, built and start up by HAM Criogénica, it has been possible thanks to the commitment of HAM Group and Transportes Carrasco for Liquefied Natural Gas for road transport, with the aim of reducing emissions. The new service station has a deposit of 80m3 tank of 18bar pressure, with a liquefied natural gas dispenser for trucks and heavy vehicles, which can be freely accessed 24/7, throughout the year. Payments can be made with any debit / credit card, in addition to being able to use the HAM card for professionals, exclusively for freelancers and companies.

LNG is a real, clean and safe alternative to fossil fuels, which helps to mitigate the greenhouse effect on the environment, due to the reduction of polluting emissions compared to other fuels. Liquefied natural gas reduces fine particles by 95%, nitrogen oxides by 35% and CO2 emissions by 15%, resulting in better air quality.
It should be noted that vehicles powered by LNG manage to reduce the noise of their engines by 50%, and a saving of 30-50%, thanks to our prices, compared to other fuels. They also have the ECO label from the DGT, which allow access to cities in episodes of high pollution, as well as tax incentives and discounts, depending on the different autonomous communities.

With the opening of the new HAM Carrasco gas station, our customers can refuel in an extensive network, in continuous expansion, made up of 80 compressed natural gas and liquefied natural gas service stations, which allow them to circulate on the main national and European routes, with a more ecological and economical fuel, being able to travel distances of up to 1600km without the need to refuel.

At ham HAM Group we continue working, together with our subsidiaries, to develop new projects and continue to expand our network of CNG-LNG service stations in Spain and the rest of Europe.

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