Latvia CNG filling stations

Latvia last updated 02.2017 – 0 station CNG price  1€/kg

RIGA ,UNIJAS IELA 8 ,+37129614751 , Closed

7 thoughts on “Latvia

  1. Raul Sunts

    RIGA ,UNIJAS IELA 8 NO CNG station
    RIGA ,UNIJAS IELA 11 CNG station , Mob:22 55 00 22

  2. A4

    Does anyone know if CNG station will be opened in Latvia in near future ? Travelling there using Audi A4 G-tron this summer.

    1. Daniel

      Does not look like to be able to fill a car at this year or next. Please see opportunities to fill CNG in Lithuania on Estonia, or drive on gasoline.


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