Latvia CNG filling stations

Latvia last updated 02.2017 – 0 station CNG price  1€/kg

RIGA ,UNIJAS IELA 8 ,+37129614751 , Closed

8 thoughts on “Latvia

  1. Raul Sunts

    RIGA ,UNIJAS IELA 8 NO CNG station
    RIGA ,UNIJAS IELA 11 CNG station , Mob:22 55 00 22

  2. A4

    Does anyone know if CNG station will be opened in Latvia in near future ? Travelling there using Audi A4 G-tron this summer.

    1. Daniel

      Does not look like to be able to fill a car at this year or next. Please see opportunities to fill CNG in Lithuania on Estonia, or drive on gasoline.

      1. A4

        Yes, going there from Finland through Estonia, so planning to fill up the gas tank in Parnu, Estonia. Just hoping to get the gas tanks as full as possible there, as it seems with full tanks I can get over 500 km range with gas.


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