Estonia Natural Gas Vehicle (NVG) Compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations map, Eesti CNG tanklate

JõhviJaama 53A+37263030030-23:59Unmanned; Credit Card-Only;
JüriAleviku tee
KuressaareRingtee ec-card; credit card; fuel card (JETOIL);
NarvaTallinna mnt 81+37263030030-23:59Unmanned; Credit Card-Only;
PaideTööstuse Bank cards + Jetoil customer card. No cash.
PärnuPärlimõisa tee 29+37263030030-23:59Unmanned; Credit Card-Only;
RakvereRägavere tee 47+37263030030-23:59Unmanned; Credit Card-Only;
SaueTule 50
TallinnSuur-Sõjamäe 56a+37263030030-23:59Unmanned; Credit Card-Only;
TallinnMustamäe Vinkli 2a+37263030030-23:59Unmanned; Credit Card-Only;
TallinnGaasi 3a+37263030030-23:59Unmanned; Credit Card-Only;
TallinnTehnika 150+37263030030-23:59Unmanned; Credit Card-Only;
TallinnTartu maantee
TallinnPärnu maantee
TallinnPeterburi tee
TallinnPeterburi tee 38/4+372533656500-23:59OLEREX 15.02.2021 CNG price 0.599
TartuTähe 135e+37263030030-23:59Unmanned; Credit Card-Only;
TartuRingtee tn
ViljandiPlaneedi 11+37263030030-23:59Unmanned; Credit Card-Only; gaas.e

18 thoughts on “Estonia

  1. Gyles

    Automatic CNG stations available only to CNG contractors of Estonian Gas. You need to apply a CNG card in the office (Liivalaia 9, Tallinn 10118 Tel. 6 303 003 prior to using it in the stations (you can’t use the station without this magnetic card). So basically CNG in Estonia, at least for now, is for local use only, since the gas bill is created to the user once a month and not paid directly.

    1. Gas Man

      Well…. this information is WRONG.
      For buying CNG in Estonia, only thing that is needed is card (debit/credit)
      CNG is sold lot`s fililng stations : Eesti Gaas, Alexela, Krooning etc.

      You need some other card only to get discount.

  2. Anna Gaasi

    All 5 CNG filling stations work.
    All stations are self-service, 24/7, card only – visa, master, maestro ect. (no cash) Very simple and easy to use for everybody.
    Gas price is 0,729 cent/kg

  3. Anna Gaasi

    There is no pressure gauge on the station, so it is hard to say. But it should be 200psi or around that.
    It takes 20-22kg to fill empty tanks on a typical 1.4 CNG VW Passat (factory spec is 22kg)

  4. .

    Since 1.07.2018 the gas price in Eesti Gaas filling stations is 0,859€/kg for normal CNG and 0,899€/kg for biomethane.

  5. M

    new station in Koksvere, Viljandi County . Its methane factory plant public fuel station.
    Can be found in google maps ” Biometaan OÜ, Koksvere, 70604 Viljandi maakond “

  6. Janek Parkman

    Brand new CNG filling station is operational in the very heart of Estonia – Paide Tööstuse 15a. Bank cards + Jetoil customer card. No cash.

  7. Nik

    CNG filling station OLEREX
    Open: 24H
    Aadress: Peterburi tee 38/4, Tallinn, Harjumaa, 11415
    Tel:+372 53 365 650
    GPS: 59.426045,24.810717


    15.02.2021 CNG price 0.599


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