Macedonia CNG filling stations map, Карта на метан станциите в Македония

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Macedonia – last updated 7.2018 – average price 0.62€(01.2018) (old price 0.71€/kg-09.2014; 0.52€/kg-12.2016; 0.52€-1.2018)

GevgelijaBogorodica 3+38923153046Every Day
KumanovoIII Makedonska Udarna Brigada+38931437860Every Day
Petrovecul 18 Cojlija Petrovec+3893153169Every Day
SkopjeBoulevard Partizanski Odredi bb+38922050992Every Day
SkopjeBoulevard Partizanski Odredi 82+38923090166Every Day
StipIndustrial zone Makedonka+38971334873Every Day 0-23:59EkoGas

3 thoughts on “Macedonia

  1. shkembim

    please open a CNG-station in Kosovo (Prishtina, Ferizaj-Urosevac)

    There is a lot of air pollution due to the large quantities of diesel cars…


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