France Natural Gas Vehicle (NVG) Compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station map, stations GNV publiques en France

last updated 1.2018 – 58 CNG filling stations – average price 1,26 €/kg

Agen339 Avenue Robert Schumann+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only
Aix En Provence4-6 Avenue de la Cible+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only
BondoufleRue des Bordes+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only CNG/LNG
Bonneuil-sur-MarneRoute du fief Cordelier+33144710757Every Day
Bordeaux6 Quai De La Souys+33810001115Credit Card
Bourg En Bresse11 Rue Suzanne Valadon (di Fronte)+33160375252Credit Card 7-18-30; Mon-fri
BourgesRue Edmond Jongleux (parking palais des congres)+33160375252unmanned; Credit Card-only
Castets870 Rue des Mousquetaires+33181932800Every Day CNG/LNG
Chalon-sur-Saone20 Avenue Victor Hugo+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only
ChamberyRue François De Guise+33479686701Credit Card
Champigny-sur-Marne120 Rue Marcel Paul+33149147980unmanned; Credit Card-only GNV; EcoGNV and BioGNV
Couzon-au-Mont-d'OrRue Gabriel Peri+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only
Cran-Gevrier20 Allee Jean Mermoz+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only
Crepy en Valois10 rue Louis ArmandEvery Day
Dijon65 Rue de Longvic+33380634120unmanned; Credit Card-only
Duttlenheim1 rue Denis PapinEvery Day CNG/LNG
Fleville devant Nancy80 Rue Jean ProuveEvery Day CNG/LNG
Geispolsheim1 Rue du Fort+33388108500unmanned; Credit Card-only
Gennevilliers7 Route Principale Du Port+33160375252Credit Card GNV; EcoGNV and BioGNV
Grenoble12 Rue Honore de Balzac+33476843939Credit Card 7:30-11:30/
Grenoble49 Rue Felix Esclangon+33476843939Credit Card
Le Havre87 Rue Jules Delamare+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only
Le Puy en Velay5 rue de Craponne+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only
Lesquin200 Rue du Pic au VentEvery Day CNG/LNG
Limoges19 bis avenue de la Revolution+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only reported as closed 09.2017
Lunel-Viel608 rue du Boucanier+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only
Macon33 Rue De La Republique+33385382295Credit Card
Marcoussis5 Rue Angiboust+33164496702Credit Card GNV; EcoGNV and BioGNV
Meaux25 Avenue Jean Henri Dunant+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only GNV; EcoGNV and BioGNV
Migne Auxences123 Rue des Entreprises+33181932800Every day CNG/LNG
MontbeliardAllee Auguste Schwander - (1rue Jacques Foillet)+333819061558-12/
Montigny Les Metz6 rue Du General Franiatte+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only
Montpellier56 rue Leon Trostsky - Garosud+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only
MorsbachRue Jacques Callot+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only GNV; EcoGNV and BioGNV
Nanterre40 Rue Jean Jacques Rousseau (rue Montesquieu)+33160375252Credit Card-only
NeversBoulevard D'Hammamet+33386594138Credit Card
Nimes207 Rue Ambroise Pare+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only LNG-only
RungisPlace de la Logistique(SOGARIS)+33155985620unmanned; Credit Card-only CNG/LNG
Saint Etienne46 Rue De La Tour+33477742686Credit Card
Saint Girons11-13 Avenue De La Resistance+33561040130Work Days6-21; Holidays7-20:30; Credit Card
Saint HerblainAngle du Boulevard Marcel Paul et de l'Avenue des Lions+33810001224Credit Card
Saint Pierre du Mont63 route de la Teoulere Avenue de Saint Sever+33558751133Mon-fri 9-12
Saint-EtienneRue des deux AmisEvery Day
Saint-Pierre-en-Faucigny365 Avenue des Jourdies+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only
ServonLe Poirier PencheEvery Day
Sophia AntipolisRue Albert Einstein+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only
Sotteville les RouenChemin de la Mi-Voieunmanned;Not for public
Strasbourg142 Route D'Oberhausbergen+33388108500Work Days 6-22; Holidays7-22TOTAL Station
Strasbourg10 Rue Du Doubs+33388108500Credit Card
Thionville26 Boucle Du Ferronier+33160375252Credit Card
Toulouse70bis Boulevard de la Marquette+3315598562024/24 and 7/
Valbonne71 Rue Albert Einstein+33160375252Credit Card 0-23:59
ValenceRue Toscanini+33155985620Mon-Fri 8:30/12:30 - 13.30/17:30 (Fri 14:30) Credit Card
ValenciennesRue De La Bleue Du Nord (face au Centre Municipal)+3315598562024h/24 and 7d/7with door code 1234
Villeurbanne40-42 Rue Antoine Primat+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only
AuxerreRue de la Plaine des Isles+33386421084Every Day CNG/LNG
LimogesAire de Beaune Les Mines+33555366160Every Day CNG/LNG
GaelParc d'Activites le Chene+33476436030Every Day CNG/LNG

12 thoughts on “France

  1. Jan Oostermeyer

    Castets,40 Rue Des Mousquetaires – Zone Industrielle Juston,,Credit Card 00-24,: is not open 24/7! I was there in de morning 13/7 and its was closed behind the fence of the gasfactory, please adjust the info to avoid misleading other CNG drivers.

    1. marie fallon

      I had the same problem around Paris in august, we have to continue to Nantes, only with benzine, and sttop each 100 km…… hat’s really not good for the motor, volkswagen caddy, and also stressfull when you are driving with children ;;;;;;, I think it is really not fair to not give updates information on the websites,

  2. steven

    Castets is only available for professionel use ( trucks). Source: Gasnaturalfenosa by email.
    They informed me of a station in Saint pierre du Mont ( MARSAN) run by DEFA.

  3. Sergiy

    Aire Sur L’adour,62 Rue De Sarron,,Work Days8-12/13-17; Before Holidays And Holidaysclosed; Credit Card 00-24
    station n’est pas ouverte 24/24 avec CB ( crédit card ) mais seulement a ceux qui possède une carte ( sur
    Pour la CB je pense qu’on peut faire le plein uniquement les heures ouvrables classique lu-Ve, á confirmer.

  4. Caroline

    Chalon Sur Saone,20 Avenue Victor Hugo,+33385937000,Reported as not worked 28.7.2016 –> we went on 6/02/2017 and iT works perfectly!

  5. Ivan Goethals

    The fill station can be found in the deep right farest corner of the city parking, effectively on that address. You need to cross the whole parking, and to drive towards the bus parking station. Service is fine there and effectively 24/24 open


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