Lithuania CNG filling stations

last updated 05.2017 – 3 CNG stations. Price 0.94 €/ m3

KlaipėdaGaražų g. 2+37068778199Credit Card
ŠiauliaiVaidoto g. 33+37061480836Credit Card
VilniusVerkių g. 52+37052375245Every Day 0-24; Credit Card

5 thoughts on “Lithuania

  1. Alo

    Info for Siauliai station are “bullsh**”. Station is open only 1 hour per day, card payments not accepted. Plase change info in this page.

  2. Kaupo

    Siauliai information is wrong. Like Alo said, it is open only 1 hour on the daytime, as the person told me from the information number.
    In Vilnius it worked well.


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