Map of Cng and Lng stations in Europe

Because of the current situation, a lot of stations might not have natural gas, might be closed, or might have a much higher price.

date Last Update: March, 2024

Compressed natural gas, or CNG, is natural gas under pressure which is:

Checked optionTOTALLY CLEAN
Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) is the cleanest burning alternative fuels available. Natural gas vehicles (NGV) emit up to 30% less greenhouse gas than gasoline or diesel vehicles.
Checked optionCHEAPER
The use of Compressed Natural Gas fuel reduces costs significantly for vehicle owners. Natural gas averages 40-60% less than diesel or gasoline (depending upon local markets).
Checked optionSAFETY
Compressed natural gas is nontoxic and disperses quickly. It has a higher ignition temperature than gasoline and diesel fuel, which reduces the chances of accidental ignition.
Checked optionQUIET
Natural gas engines can reduce noise by as much as 50% compared to diesel engines. This ensures a longer life of your engine and save a lot of money.

Liquefied natural gas LNG is natural gas predominantly methane which is:

Checked optionconverted to liquid form by cooling it to approximately −162 °C for ease of storage or transport. It takes up about 1/600th the volume of natural gas in the gaseous state Checked optiona higher reduction in volume than compressed natural gas (CNG) so that the energy density of LNG is 2.4 times greater than that of CNG or 60 percent of that of diesel fuel.
Checked optionrelatively high cost for production and need to store it in expensive cryogenic tanks. Checked optionefficient to transport over long distances where pipelines do not exist.

We are building correct map of CNG / NGV filling station, so if you have any additional information about working/not working/missing station listed in our map, please fill contact form or send us email.

Number of cng stations and average prices in Europe by country
CountryLast ChangedStationsAverage Price
Austria2.20231702.1 €/kg
Belarus3.2017440.23€/m3 0.32€/kg (0.55BYN/m3)
Belgium2.2023106L-gas : 1.96 €/kg
H-gas : 2.15 €/kg
Bosnia and Herzegovina8.20235
Bulgaria6.20231190.98 €/kg
Croatia3.202342.10 €/kg
Czech Republic02.20231712.14 €/kg
Denmark4.2019171.6 €/kg
Estonia5.2023231.19 €/kg
biomethane 1.19 €/kg
Finland4.2022411.98 €/kg(Bio)
2.46 €/kg(CNG)
France7.2022792.4 €/kg
Germany2.2018868H-1.08 €/kg
Great Britain6.202170.78 €/kg
Hungary8.2023220.95 €/kg
Iceland05.201751.31 €/kg
Italy4.202310631.7 €/kg
Latvia11.202182.24 €/kg
Liechtenstein05.201721.33 €/kg
Lithuania5.202060.72 €/m3
North Macedonia6.202391.01 €/kg
Moldova7.2022271.1 €/m3
Norway3.2021201.77 €/kg
Netherlands10.20201771.18 €/kg
Poland1.202323CNG - 9.53PLN/m3
Portugal1.202311CNG - 2.07 €/kg
LNG - 1.97€/kg
Romania03.2024101.43 €/kg
Russia04.20172350.27 €/m3
Serbia12.2023421.06 €/kg
Slovenia3.202361.79 €/kg
Spain3.2023712 €/kg
Sweden2.20221781.87 €/kg
Switzerland3.20181461.32 €/kg
Turkey6.2019200.54 €/m3

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24 thoughts on “Countries

  1. Viktor

    So few filling stations in UK.
    I have an ability to increase the quantity of them, therefore looking for a serious business partner who would like to take a part in that joint venture.
    Please write to me at: vitjay_with (at)

  2. Leslee Riddell

    How is CNC fuel dispensed in Europe at stations? Is there an attendant, or an automated fuel management system providing customers with a card in dispenser solution? Or is there a fuel island with an independent payment kiosk? Maybe combinations of all?
    Thank you in advance for your reply.

  3. Esen Draga

    I’ll tell you about stations in Spain.
    There are all kinds. Mostly unattended stations as in ordinary petrol. Usual payemt through credit cards, or € notes.
    There are stations with only CNG. Other stations can supply GNG for cars and vans, and LNG for long liner trucks. And other stations are multi product.
    Some of them have attendants, some others not.
    All kinds as you see.
    Some of them belong to energy companies (Gas Natural) and others are private.

  4. Michel

    Is there any file to download to get the europe CNG-filling stations into my Tomtom device?
    If yes, where could i find it?

    Thank you so much for helping me in this one!


  5. Sloki

    I rather buy bluefficiency Mercedes diesel for that price of CNG per kg.
    Too expensive CNG per kg in Slovenia and everywhere.
    This will not work since prices with diesel are almost aligned.
    (screw that 1-2 eur on 280 kilometres and you are in constant fear that CNG station may be closed)

    CNG must be under 0.95 eur per kg for me to use CNG station and to buy CNG car in future otherwise this is a total failure. Big minus for CNG.

  6. Francesco

    Hello to everybody
    I need to refuel my car close to Calais(no Valencienne)
    Where I can go? Thanks.
    Sorry but I don’t speak english very well
    However In England there are 2 maybe 3 gas-stations, I was doing in 2013 refueling near Nottingham, Gotham Road (Kingston on soar), and it was not easy, private company for diesel-CNG trucks, but at least I could do London only Camden- Kings Cross, but it was not easy here either, the municipal station (Camden Council) for public transport, and you have a card to refuel, but you can not do more .The third gas station I have yet to find it, I will let you know .I cant believe

  7. Xavier

    I have a CNG car that brought into the UK, when I moved back to London. It is a pity that Camden Council and Transport for London do not allow individuals to refuel their cars in their CNG pump. Amazingly it is the only CNG pump in London! I cannot understand how Transport for London pretends to reduce emissions and pollution if the only CNG pump they have is closed to individuals. In the rest of the EU Member States fleet’s CNG pumps are open to individuals who pay with credit cards. Credit cards are usually mandatory to avoid problems with accountancy, VAT and excises for the transport fleet who owns the CNG pump. This policy is a shame for Transport for London.

  8. Pablo

    For everyone! In Alaquas-Valencia (Spain) se hace a new LNG station. 24h open, in 16 minutes you will come back to Valencia By-pass with full deposits. And the price is about 0,689€/kg …. ask HAM !!!!

  9. konstantinos

    Thank you for your webpage, the info about the methan gas stations, the maps with their locations etc. Great work

  10. Yoyo

    And where is a fight for ecology? It is myth and lie! Norways an swedish price about 2€ per kg, profitable to buy dirty diesel car for driving-1.5€ per liter. And prices in another counries!?! Why the gas so expensive, even world consumation fell down due covid virus problem? Of cource the cng cars is not popular, and vag group will not continue to develop new cng cars anymore. The problem is-abnormal biomethane price.

    1. Igor

      It is all about politics. Just thing a little bit. Who is the main supplier of Europian market of natural gas(cng)? Of course, Russia. If demand will grow, Russian budget will increase income. That is unliked by europian politics. They dont give a damn about ecology. Hypocrits

  11. Riyaz Ahmed Feroz Ahmed Khan

    Exporters and importer trading distribution logistics of petrochem solvents and petroleum products cng LNG storage logistics terminals project requirements finanace solutions


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