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Natural Gas Vehicle (NVG) and Compressed natural gas (CNG) erlated news

HAM opens CNG – LNG service station in Borriana, Castellón

The Gas Station is located on the AP-7, northbound

ham-borrianaTHAM Group inaugurates a new EDUX Compressed Natural Gas and Liquefied Natural Gas service station in the La Plana Nord service area, located in Borriana, Castellón. The new gas station is located on the AP-7 Kilometer 455, northbound, also known as the Mediterranean highway, axis that connects the entire Spanish Mediterranean coast from the border with France to Guadiaro, province of Cádiz
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HAM presents EDUX, its new CNG-LNG mobile service station

HAM Group presents a new concept of a mobile and transportable service station, which allows the refueling of Liquefied Natural Gas and Compressed Natural Gas.
The new mobile unit, which is called EDUX, has been developed by HAM Criogénica, together with our R&D team, who have been in charge of the design and construction, in our facilities and in those of our subsidiary Vakuum.

ham gnc gnl eduxThe EDUX service station allows you to store and refuel LNG to all types of trucks and heavy vehicles, keeping the liquid subcooled and adapting to the optimal temperature of the different brands: Volvo, Scania or Iveco, offering a fast and safe refueling, with performance and functionalities equal to that of fixed stations. At the same time, it allows to refuel CNG to cars, light vehicles and trucks.
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HAM opens a new LNG service station in Valdemoro, Madrid

HAM Group inaugurates in Valdemoro, Madrid, a new Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) mobile service station, located at street Narciso Monturiol 28 of Rompecubas Industrial Estate, a few meters from the A-4, also known as the South Highway, one of the six radial highways in Spain and the main communication route between the center and the south of the Iberian Peninsula.

Valdemoro’s new LNG mobile gas station has a 60m3 tank, with a Liquefied Natural Gas dispenser, which allows our customers to refuel quickly and safely, with a performance equal to that of our fixed stations. You can access the service station throughout the year with schedule 24/7 and make payments with any debit / credit card or with the HAM card for professionals, exclusively for freelancers and companies.
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HAM develops the first vehicular Biomethane project in Spain

HAM Group has developed the first 100% vehicular Biomethane project in Spain, which will allow our customers to enjoy biofuel at our service stations.

The project starts from the biogas generated in an anaerobic codigestion plant of residues, coming from the agri-food industry and from a coil farm, located in the Farm Mas Jonquer de Vilanant, Girona. The biogas plant is owned by Apergas, a company dedicated to the engineering, development and operation of biogas plants.
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The HAM gas station network incorporates a new LNG station in Madrid

The HAM gas station network incorporates a new LNG station in Madrid
The new station is located in Velilla de San Antonio

ham-lng-carrascoA new liquefied natural gas (LNG) service station opens in Madrid, located at the Transportes Carrasco facilities, at Calle Tambora 4, Velilla de San Antonio, Madrid (GPS: 40.346005, -3.469620), next to the M-208, one of the roads of the main network of the Community of Madrid, which connects the M-300 in Arganda del Rey with the M-203, at the height of Mejorada del Campo.

HAM Carrasco, designed, built and start up by HAM Criogénica, it has been possible thanks to the commitment of HAM Group and Transportes Carrasco for Liquefied Natural Gas for road transport, with the aim of reducing emissions. The new service station has a deposit of 80m3 tank of 18bar pressure, with a liquefied natural gas dispenser for trucks and heavy vehicles, which can be freely accessed 24/7, throughout the year. Payments can be made with any debit / credit card, in addition to being able to use the HAM card for professionals, exclusively for freelancers and companies.

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Lübeck as the starting shot: Rolande and IDS-Q8 announce international cooperation for a European LNG filling station network

RonlandeLNGRolande, pioneer and market leader for building infrastructures for truck liquefied natural gas and bio-LNG (Bio-Liquefied Natural Gas) in the Netherlands, is expanding its network at the Lübeck location of IDS-Q8. This is the first filling station in Germany opened in cooperation with Kuwait Petroleum Corporation subsidiary IDS-Q8, one of Europe’s leading fuel card providers and owner of an international network of truck dedicated filling locations. In addition to the base in Lübeck, this cooperation already operates an LNG filling station in Rotterdam, Botlek (Netherlands). In combination, the two fuel specialists connect two important locations in the transport sector: the ports of Rotterdam and Lübeck. They ensure that all incoming goods are transported economically and sustainably to their destination. By the end of the year, two other stations will be opened at the IDS-Q8 locations in Grasdorf and Ziesar as part of the partnership. In addition to first-class locations in Europe, customers also benefit from the option of paying with the IDS-Q8 fuel card at Rolande LNG stations .
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HAM Group expands its network of LNG-CNG service stations in the Netherlands and Belgium
HAM Card customers can refuel at PitPoint Gas Stations

HAM Group continues to expand its network of LNG service stations in Europe, thanks to the agreement reached with the Dutch company PitPoint, which will allow the HAM Card users, to refuel at 2 new stations, in Belgium and the Netherlands.

ham-gnl-gnc-pitpointThe first of these stations is Rekkem, located at Lar, Rijksweg 746, 8930, Belgium (GPS: 50.774923, 3.187968), close to the French border, close to the E17 / A14 motorway, between Kortrijk and Lille, which makes it a favorable location for transport throughout the Benelux. Continue reading

YELLOW project of HAM Group

Pioneers in Europe betting on LNG-CNG gas stations with buried tank

ham-proyecto-yellowYellow Project is the HAM Group commitment to the construction of CNG-LNG service stations in confined spaces. The construction of a gas station implies the installation of large equipment, such as the tank, which requires large surfaces to be placed, respecting all the established security measures, which ends up reducing the useful space for the installation of liquefied natural gas (heavy vehicles) and compressed natural gas dispensers (passenger car and trucks).
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Ham group HAM advances solutions to the problems of charging tanker truck in enagás

Part of the loads will be carried out in the metanera terminal of Marseille

ham_logoAssessing the foreseeable problems of lack of tank loading capacity during the winter period, the Enagás’ plant in Barcelona and the Bahía Bizkaia’s plant, HAM Group has signed an important LNG contract at the Marseille Terminal, in order to avoid the shortage of its customers in Spain during this period.
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