Belgium Natural Gas Vehicle (NVG) Compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations map, België CNG tankstations in kaart te brengen Aardgastankstations België

AalstIndustrielaan 18+3253838848Every Day 0-23:59 High
AalstBrusselsesteenweg 41+3223635152Every Day
AalterGroendreef 7-11+3238898989Every Day
AnderlechtChaussee de Mons 824+3223635152Every Day unmanned
AntwerpenVosseschijnstraat 42+3223635152Every Day unmanned
AntwerpenVlijtstraat 6Every Day
AntwerpenKielsbroek 1+3232485457Every Day Low Gas
AnzegemGrote Leiestraat 117+32473949680Every Day0-23:59Green Point High Gas
BeringenKoolmijnlaan 321+3223635152Every Day
BeverenVesten 20+3238898989Work Days 5-22 Holidays
BilzenTongersestraat 102+3223635152Every Day High Gas
BlankenbergeRuitersstraat 2+3223635152Every Day High Gas
BoomPapensteenstraat 1+3223635152Every Day
BornemLodderstraat 26+3238894419Work Days 6-19; sat 9-16; Holidays -
Braine-l'AlleudChaussee de Tubize 489+3223635152Every Day
BrasschaatRuiterijschool 10/12 - Campus CoppenEvery Day 0-23:59Green Point unmanned
BrechtVeldstraat 64+3223635152Every Day
BreeRegenboogstraat 12+3223635152Every Day High Gas
BruggeWaggelwaterstraat 6+3250447711Every Day 0-23:59ENORA G&V CNG Station
BrusselsQuai des Usines 22+32221594706-18; Sunday
DeinzeGentsesteenweg 208+3223635152Every Day unmanned
DesselgemPitantiestraat 134+3256703744Every Day High Gas
DestelbergenDendermondesteenweg 694+3223635152Every Day
DiestLeuvensesteenweg 72+3223635152Every Day unmanned
DilbeekNinoofsesteenweg 507+3223635152Every Day
DourRue d'Elouges 104+3223635152Every Day High Gas
EekloLeopoldlaan 58+3223635152Every Day High Gas
GeelAntwerpseweg 87+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
GenappeRue des Lilas 25+3223635152Every Day
GenkHermeslaan 60+3289690469Every Day
GentRooigemlaan 2+3292278136Every Day Enora
GentWiedauwkaai 104+3223635152Every Day High Gas
Geraardsbergen (Overboelare)Groteweg 373+3238898989Every Day High Gas
Ghislenghien (Ath)Parc Industriel 34+3223635152Every Day High Gas
GosseliesRue Tahon 37+3223635152Every Day High Gas
GrimbergenVilvoordsesteenweg 157unmannedEvery Day 0-23:59Erdgas Brussel
GrimbergenVilvoordsesteenweg 301A+3223635152Every Day
GrobbendonkHerentalse Steenweg 16+3223635153Every Day Low Gas
HalleEdingensesteenweg 300+3223635152Every Day High Gas unmanned
HalleZinkstraat 1+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
HarelbekeKortrijksesteenweg 264+3256716117Every Day High Gas
HasseltGenkersteenweg 70+3223635152Every Day High Gas
Heusden-ZolderMeylandtlaan 116+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
HobokenEmiel Vloorstraat 2+3216815623Every Day High Plus Gas (CNG from LNG)
HouthalenGrote Baan 11+3211604207Every Day High Gas
IeperZwaanhofweg 4+3257209332Credit Card 0-23:59GOW!
IzegemKrekelmotestraat 147+3223635152Every Day High Gas
JemappesAvenue Wilson 429+3256733006Every Day (Owner is G&V) High Gas
Jemeppe-sur-SambreChaussée de Charleroi 9+3223635152Every Day High Gas
KalloSteenlandlaan 3+3216815623Every Day
KampenhoutMechelsesteenweg 55+3223635152Every Day
KontichKon. Astridlaan 6+3223635152Every Day
KruishoutemIndustriezone 3a+3293801336Every Day High Gas
La LouvièreChaussée du Pont du Sart 42+3223635152Every Day High Gas
LeuvenGroenveldstraat 71+3223635152Every Day
LierAntwerpsesteenweg 346+3223635152Every Day
LokerenGentse Steenweg 26+3223635152Every Day High Gas
MaasmechelenRijksweg 583+3223635152Every Day High Gas
Machelen (Diegem)Haachtsesteenweg 7+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
MechelenDe Regenboog 8+3223635152Every Day
MechelenLiersesteenweg 351+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
MechelenBrusselsesteenweg 446+3215412805Every Day
Mechelen - Not To The General PublicElektriciteitstraat 68+3278353534Every Day 0-23:59Eandis Cvba
MelleBrusselsesteenweg 36+3223635152Every Day High Gas
MenenIeperstraat 435+3223635152Every Day
MerelbekeGuldensporenlaan 9+3253789878Every Day Automaat
MiddelkerkeOostendelaan 298+3223635152Every Day High Gas
MoescronBoulevard Industriel 23+3256733000Every Day 0-23:59Esso H-gas pay with cards master visa or fuele cards
Mont-sur-MarchienneRue de Bomerée 54+3256733006Every Day (Owner is G&V) High Gas
MorlanwelzChaussée de Mariemont 36+3223635152Every Day High Gas
NamurChaussee de Charleroi 153B+3223635152Every Day High Gas
Nazareth (Eke)Rozenstraat 6b+3293858805Every Day High Gas
NinoveAlbertlaan 158+3223635152Every Day High Gas
NivellesChaussee de Mons 15+3256733000Every Day 0-23:59 Low GasEsso Express Enora
OlligniesChaussée Victor Lampe 183+3238898989Every Day High Gas
OostendeWetenschapspark 7+32473949680Every Day 0-23:59Green Point Supplies visa; mastercard; bancontact
OpwijkSteenweg op Merchtem 135+3223635152Every Day High Gas
OverijseBrusselsesteenweg 361+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
RanstE313 Highway direction Eindhoven-Liège+32494896996Every Day High Gas
RanstE313 Highway direction Antwerp+32494896996Every Day High Gas
RoeselareMandel Beversesteenweg 202+3223635152Every Day High Gas
RotselaarAarschotsesteenweg 139+3223635152Every Day
RumstAntwerpsesteenweg 39a+3215321629Work Days 7-19; Holidays
SchotenBrechtsebaan 84+3223635152Every Day
SchotenBredabaan 1199+3232413300Every Day
Sint-Eloois-VijveGentseweg 568a+3223635152Every Day High Gas
Sint-Katelijne-WaverMechelsesteenweg 77Every Day 0-23:59Green Point unmanned
Sint-NiklaasHeidebaan 101+3223635152Every Day High Gas
TieltPittemsesteenweg 45+3223635152Every Day High Gas
Tielt-WingeLeuvensesteenweg 265+3223635152Every Day Low Gas
TongerenMaastrichtersteenweg 447+3223635152Every Day High Gas
TorhoutBruggestraat 166+3223635152Every Day High Gas
TournaiBoulevard Delwart 20+3256733000Enora Esso Express
TurnhoutSteenweg op Gierle 228+3232413300Every Day Low Gas
TurnhoutGierlesteenweg 192+3238898989Every Day Low Gas
VeurneWelvaartstraat 5+3258335112Credit Card C-LNG
WaregemGentseweg 568A+3223635152Every Day High Gas
WestmalleAntwerpsesteenweg 148+3223635152Every Day
WevelgemKortrijkstraat 226+3223635152Every Day High Gas unmanned
WillebroekMechelsesteenweg 565Every Day
WommelgemHerentalsebaan 515+3238898989Every Day
Zaventemleuvensesteenweg 500+3223635152Every Day High Gas unmanned
ZedelgemTorhoutsesteenweg 199+3232413300Every Day 0-23:59Company: High Gas
ZellikBrusselsesteenweg 379+3256733000Every Day 0-23:59Enora Esso Express Low Gas

52 thoughts on “Belgium

  1. steven vandenbussche

    their are more of them

    Antwerpen Mechelsesteenweg 271

    Brugge Hoogstraat 37/41

    Brussels Reu du Régent 8

    Brussels Houtweg 99

    Brussels Avenues des Arts 31

    Brussels Chaussé d’Ixxelles

    Kortrijk Rijsselsestraat 57

    Liège Rue Louvrex 55
    Liège Rue de Vise 23
    Seraing Rue du Molinay 60
    Dison Rue dÁndrimont 52

    Sint Katelijne Waver mechelsesteenweg 82
    Brasschaat ruiterschool 12
    Anzegem Grote leiestraat 117

    dats 24
    halle edingsesteenweg 300
    ninove albertlaant 158
    anderlecht bergensesteenweg 824
    port of antwerp vosseschijnstraat 42

  2. Toon Plaisier

    There is NO CNG filling station at Wvem Brugge Hoogstraat 37/41

    Dats24 does have a new CNG filling station at Brusselsesteenweg Melle (open since May 28th)

    1. steven

      sorry adresses got mixed up. I hope the rest is ok.
      the right adres for all the electrabel filling stations is

      Brugge: Waggelwaterstraat 2
      Antwerpen: Vlijtstraat 6
      Mechelen: Elektriciteitstraat 68

    2. steven

      sorry about the wrong adresses
      i found them all on internet. clearly their is more lies than truth on the internet
      i hope the onther adresses are not wrong

  3. steven

    new filling stations for dats 24

    Roeselare Beversesteenweg 202 (Mandel)
    Wevelgem Kortrijkstraat 226

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  5. Francis

    Dear Steven, please note that not all CNG filling stations are open to the public (the current 14 mentioned on this website are open to the public). There are also several CNG filling stations that do exist but that are NOT open to the public. These are dedicated CNG filling stations, and are not always equipped with fiscal metering systems (and no bank card or credit card payment), especially if they only serve a privately-owned fleet of vehicles. One such example is the slow-filling station for the MIVB/STIB city buses located at Haren. This was one of the first CNG filling stations in Belgium.There the ‘private’ fleet of MIVB/STIB CNG-buses can refill during night time with a direct CNG supply from a CNG-booster compressor. That filling process takes several hours (!), hence the name ‘slow-fill’.
    In contrast all the public CNG filling stations that are accessible to the public are so-called ‘quick-fill’ CNG stations, where the refill process is a matter of only a few minutes. These quick-fill CNG filling stations feature a high-capacity buffer CNG storage. This is a large rack of CNG bottles that is filled by a CNG compressor any time that the pressure in this rack is reduced due to take-off by CNG customers.
    A new type of CNG filling stations are the so-called LCNG stations. Here the natural gas is supplied, not by natural gas from the distribution grid, but by LNG-trucks. LNG is liquefied natural gas. At the LCNG filling station this LNG is vaporized, warmed up from cryogenic temperature to ambient and stored in a rack of CNG bottles. The advantage of LCNG is that there is no need for compressing the natural gas from a low-pressure distribution grid to 250 or 300 bar (gauge), which is a relatively high cost.

  6. Toon Plaisier

    Above information is wrong: Electrabel filling station at Vlijtstraat 6, Antwerpen is open to the general public. Payment can be made by Maestro card

  7. admin Post author

    Thank you guys for the help, but please give me GPS coordinates of new stations not just address.

    1. mijnmonoloog

      Location: Leuvensesteenweg 500, B-1930 Zaventem
      +50°52’18.34″, +4°28’36.44″

      Location: Koningin Astridlaan 6, B-2550 Kontich
      +51°7’29.55″, +4°27’3.96″

      Location: Antwerpsesteenweg 346, B-2500 Lier
      +51°8’47.29″, +4°32’26.48″

  8. Jo

    @Peter: Tomorrow, Monday 15 September 2014, works start at the petrol station in Diest. Because a brand new CNG pump will be installed. The station will remain open during the work.
    I continue in Dutch now: “Als alle vergunningen rond zijn, zullen de bezitters van een wagen op CNG hun tank binnen afzienbare tijd kunnen vullen op twee plaatsen in Hasselt: bij DATS 24 aan de Genkersteenweg (opening ten vroegste begin maart 2015) en bij Q8 aan de Kuringersteenweg (opening mogelijk begin oktober 2014 en ten laatste eind maart 2015).”

  9. WB


    Please add Q8, Bredabaan 1199, 2900 Schoten to your Google CNG map.
    They have CNG from tomorrow on!

  10. Jo

    Since today, Saturday 12th September 2015, all CNG prices have dropped in Belgium. I only know the CNG-prices at the DATS 24-stations.

    Low Gas : € 0,86/kg
    High Gas : € 1,01/kg

  11. Jo

    Please add the following two new filling stations to your list:

    Company: Esso Express
    Chaussée de Mons 15
    1400 Nivelles (Nivelles in French, Nijvel in Dutch)

    Every Day: 00-24.
    Low Gas.

    – – – – –
    Company: Esso Express
    Brusselsesteenweg 379
    1731 Zellik

    Every Day: 00-24.
    Low Gas.

    1. Jo

      Ronny, je kan altijd contact opnemen met dats24 via het contactformulier op hun site. Momenteel is alleen Sint-Joris-Winge min of meer in de omgeving van Leuven waar men CNG kan tanken. Ik begrijp ook niet goed waarom er bijv. in de dats24-stations van Boutersem en Heverlee nog geen CNG-pomp geïnstalleerd is.

  12. Jozef

    New CNG station in Oostende:

    Company: GreenPointSupplies bvba
    Address: Wetenschapspark 7, Plassendale 1, 8400 Oostende
    24/7, visa, mastercard, bancontact

  13. Jo

    Please add the following new filling station to your list:

    Company: Dats24
    Liersesteenweg 351
    2800 Mechelen
    GPS: 51.04480, 4.47745

    Every Day: 00-24.
    Low Gas : € 0,84 / kg

    And since today, Saturday 19th December 2015, all CNG prices have again been lowered in Belgium. I only know the CNG-prices at the DATS 24-stations.

    Low Gas : € 0,84/kg
    High Gas : € 0,99/kg

  14. Jo

    Please add the following new filling stations to your list:

    Company: Q8
    Brusselsesteenweg 446
    2800 Mechelen
    GPS: 51.007027, 4.473777

    Every Day: 00-24.
    Low Gas : unknown price
    – – –
    Company: Dats24
    Rijksweg 583
    3630 Maasmechelen
    GPS: 50.941055, 5.692521

    Every Day: 00-24.
    High Gas : € 0,99/kg (The price at the Dats 24 site must be a mistake because everywhere else in Belgium the price today for all high gas stations is € 0,99/kg)

  15. Jo

    ° Several stations are missing. That’s because I haven’t announced them here.

    Antwerpen : Kielsbroek 1, +3238898989, Every Day: 00-24, Low Gas
    Desselgem : Pitantiestraat 134, +3256703744, Every Day: 00-24, High Gas
    Dour : Rue d’Elouges 104, +3223635152, Every Day: 00-24, High Gas
    Geraardsbergen (Overboelare) : Groteweg 373, +3238898989, Every Day: 00-24, High Gas
    Hoboken : Emiel Vloorstraat 2, +3216815623, Every Day: 00-24, High Plus Gas (CNG from LNG)
    Houthalen : Grote Baan 11, +3211604207, Every Day: 00-24, High Gas
    Jemappes : Avenue P. Wilson 429, +3256733006, Every Day: 00-24, (Owner is G&V) High Gas
    Jupille-sur-Meuse : Rue de Visé 23, Semi-Public: Monday-Friday 8-12 and 13-17, High Gas
    Kruishoutem : Industriezone 3a, +3293801336, Every Day: 00-24, High Gas
    Machelen (Diegem) : Haachtsesteenweg 7, +3223635152, Every Day: 00-24, Low Gas
    Mont-sur-Marchienne : Rue de Bomerée 54, +3256733006, Every Day: 00-24, (Owner is G&V) High Gas
    Nazareth (Eke) : Rozenstraat 6b, +3293858805, Every Day: 00-24, High Gas
    Sint-Eloois-Vijve : Gentseweg 568a, +3223635152, Every Day: 00-24, High Gas
    Turnhout : Gierlesteenweg 192, +3238898989, Every Day: 00-24, Low Gas

    ° Please add the following information for the station in Ollignies that you already have in your list:
    Chaussée Victor Lampe 183, +3238898989, Every Day: 00-24, High Gas

  16. Steven

    The CNG station at Rue de Visé 23 in Jupille-sur-Meuse (very close to Liege) is private and can only be used by the company cars of ALG (Association Liégeoise du Gaz). They have no means to charge the price, VAT, etc, and sell the natural gas. Therefore it is closed.

  17. Dupont

    The station in Liège owned by Resa (teh only one available so far) is private and for use of their own company cars only. It is not open to the public.

  18. Frederic Dubois

    Price update Belgium (since 05/2018) :
    L-gas : 0,97 €/kg
    H-gas : 1,07 €/kg
    Now 100 stations, see precedent mail.

  19. Frederic Dubois

    L-gas: 0,99 €/kg instead of 0,97 €/kg;
    H-gas: 1,10 €/kg instead of 1,07 €/kg
    Since 08/2018
    Prices at the biggest operator Dats24

  20. christophe t'sas

    A Bruxelles, Total a ouvert une station CNG (avec Pourpoint) à l’adresse suivante : QUAI DES USINES – WERKHUIZENKAAI 22, 1000 – BRUXELLES.

  21. cngdriver

    AddressLodderstraat 26
    Open HoursWork Days 6-19; sat 9-16; Holidays – Closed
    Get Directions on Google Maps



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