Turkey Natural Gas Vehicle (NVG) Compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations, erdgas tankstellen.
Türkiye Sıkıştırılmış Doğal Gaz (CNG) dolum İstasyonları

last updated 6.2019 Average price 3,55 TL/m3 approximately 0.54EUR (3.2016 – 2,39 TL/m3 approximately 0.74EUR)

AkcinVeysel Karani Mah. 2. Küçük Sanayi ÇarşısıEvery Day 00-24; Credit Card 00-24
AksarayBahcesaray Mah.135/ Necmettin Erbakan Bulvari (135. Cadde) No:79/2 Aksaray+ 903822159911Every Day 00-24socarenerji.com
AnkaraDagyaka Mah.Fatih Sultan Mehmet Blv.no:435 2742 Ada 2 Parsel Kazan / Ankara+ 902123501200Every Day 00-24socarenerji.com
AnkaraPlevne Cd (Demirlibahce Mh) - Mamak+903124474100Every Day 00-24petrolofisi.com.tr
AntalyaCiplakli Mah. Ciplakli Cad. No.72 Dosemealti+90242422610050Every Day 00-24; Credit Card 00-24aygaz.com.tr
BoluPashakoy Mahallesi Yeni Terminal Sokak Ada. 281 No. 3+903742741080Every Day 00-24; Credit Card 00-24aygaz.com.tr
BursaTatkavakli Mah. Balikesir Cad. No:45 Mustafakemalpasa / Bursa+ 902246181011Every Day 00-24socarenerji.com
BursaCambazlar Mahallesi+902243761771Every Day 00-24; Credit Card 00-24bursagaz.com
BursaEngurucuk Mah. Engurucuk Sk. No : 424 Gemlik / Bursa+ 902245248182Every Day 00-24socarenerji.com
DuzceSimsir Mah. Duzce Cad. No: 41/3 Kaynasli / Duzce+ 902123501200Every Day 00-24socarenerji.com
EskişehirHisar Mahallesi Bursa Eskişehir YoluEvery Day 00-24socarenerji.com
İstanbulAlibeyköy Mahallesi Atatürk Cd. No:118+902126137080Every Day 00-24naturelgaz.com
IzmirSutculer Mah. Izmir - Ankara Cad.no:14-14/a-14/b Kemalpasa / Izmir+ 902328871707!!!Closed!!!6.2022socarenerji.com
KayseriTurgut Reis Mahallesi Bağdat Cd. No:250
KayseriOruçreis Mahallesi
KocaeliSekerpinar Mah.fevzi Cakmak Cad. No:44 Cayirova/Kocaeli+ 9002626589874Every Day 00-24socarenerji.com
KonyaKaratay Tasoluk Sokak 1-37 - Ada 24 Parcel+902126137080Every Day 00-24; Credit Card 00-24naturelgaz.com
Manisa - AkhisarSelimşahlar Mahallesi- Manisa Akhisar YoluEvery Day 00-24; Credit Card 00-24atiker.com.tr
MersinKaraduvar Mah. Cumhuriyet Bulvari 125 Akdeniz Mersin+ 902123501200Every Day 00-24socarenerji.com
OsmaniyeOmurtak Mah. Motoryerleri (Kumeevler) No. 26 Eren Tekstil CorluEvery Day 00-24; Credit Card 00-24

7 thoughts on “Turkey

  1. Anna V.

    are these stations working
    Soke, Izmir Soke Yolu,,Every Day 00-24; Credit Card 00-24
    •Torbali ( Izmir), Capak Yolu – 2570. Sk,+902328690020,Every Day 00-24; Credit Card 00-24
    are they car filling stations
    do you know their gps coordinates
    are there other car filling cng stations on the way edirne-izmir-didim-bosrum

  2. Иван

    Здравейте. Моля да кажете дали лични автомобили могат да зареждат метан в Турция. Евентуални ограничения за накрайници и нещо за цени

  3. Ina

    Hello,this June we was with car in Turkey on holiday in Antalija,so i mist write how much we was dissapointed.
    In Antalija we looking almost 2 hours for cng station and when we finaly find it the disint want to put gas-metan in our car,because like they sa”they arw mother company and they dont fill up a small vehicle only truck”.i think you need to put that on your site because we wasnt the first one who passed like that
    Also in Afiyon we ask on every gas station for metan looking on the adress you put on your site but after 3 hours of driving we didnt find that cng station.Only in Istanbul we find it.

  4. Hamid Torabi

    Hi I am owner of gas home refueling machine CNG
    I want to know how I can expand cng small station in turkey and other European countries
    And what is the government support or other international organizations
    Best regards


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