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16 thoughts on “Contacts

  1. Dule

    ther is one new CNG filling station in Serbia. It is in the southern part of the contry in the city of Niš which is very close to highway E-75. The adress is Niš, Intergas komerc, Dimitrija Tucovića bb (near market Metro), phone number 018/415-0405, 0-24 h. Price is 96 din/kg.

  2. Carl-Christian Juul Jensen

    There is a new CNG filling station in Denmark. It is located on Venusvej in Fredericia.

  3. Freddy Deprez

    There is a new CNG filling station in Belgium:
    Fuel brand: Dats24
    Price/kg: € 0.89
    Location: Leuvensesteenweg 500, B-1930 Zaventem
    GPS: +50° 52′ 18.69″, +4° 28′ 35.77″

  4. George

    Dear all,

    Somebody know for CNG station in Hungary and Romania, close to the route Wien > Budapest > Oradea > Deva > Sibiu > Bucharest ?
    Thank you !

  5. Juha

    New biomethane filling station in Finland, Joutsa, address is:
    Mammilantie 38, 19650 Joutsa
    Open all day, credit card accepted.

  6. Raul

    Anybody would know where I can RENT a CNG powered small Vehicle in The Netherlands (The Hague-Amsterdam-Rotterdam area) and to be returned in Italy? I want to travel from the Hague, Netherlands to Bologn-Ancona, Italy. Thank you in advance!

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  8. Estievenart Daniel

    Belgium CNG filling station in Antwerp; Vosseschijnstraat IS open to the public. See DATS24 website!

  9. Ђикела

    New CNG station in Serbia
    Several months ago one petrol station in eastern part of Belgrade on highway started to sell CNG.
    Name of station is Slap.
    Address: Vladimira Tomanovica 20
    Phone number: +381113474000
    Coordinates: N44.78131°, E20.50085°
    Price: 102 RSD (approximately 0.85 eur)

  10. Jiri Kuchta

    New information for Belarus: The need for a Russian tank certificate for foreign vehicles no longer applies. All you have to do is present a normal (national) vehicle license.
    The current CNG price is 6 BYN / m3. An NGV1 adapter is available at all filling stations.

  11. Stefania

    Hello, i would like to inform you that in Lyon none of the three cng station is in use. All three of them are non functional because they are damaged.


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