Croatia Natural Gas Vehicle (NVG) Compressed natural gas (CNG) filling stations, Hrvatska CNG benzinskih postaja

last updated 7.2020 – average price 0,94 €/kg (10.2016-1,24 €/kg, 11.2017-1,34 €/kg )

ZagrebRadnička cesta 173F+38513022190Mon-Sun Price:7kn(0.93E)/kg
ZagrebHektorovićeva ul. 2+38516302333Work Days 7-20; Saturday 7-16; Holidays
RijekaUl. Milutina Barača 48+385913530102Every Day
Slavonski BrodTrešnjica 7+385993239557Every Day

7 thoughts on “Croatia

  1. Anna

    Цената на метана 09.2016г в ЗАГРЕБ е 8.5 куни , може да се плати и в евро.
    1 евро – 7.45 куни
    РИЕКА струваше 10 куни – 2,55 лв.- Плащането става само в куни или дебитна, кредитна карти.


    It’s a shame that we have the most expensive natural plon in Europe, and we have the cheapest labor force, while some workers even receive no salary for months.


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