Portugal CNG LNG filling stations, Postos de gás natural comprimido (GNC) e liquefeito (GNL) em Portugal

AlenquerEstrada Nacional N1 - Loc. Carregado Norte+3512591009180-23:59dourogas.pt CNG/LNG
AzambujaE.N.3 km 8.9+3519377047610-23:59galp.pt CNG/LNG
Elvas - CaiaLugar de Caia+3512591009180-23:59dourogas.pt CNG/LNG
LouresRua Jose Malhoa - Lote 16 - Casal do Monte / St Antonio dos Cavaleiros+3512591009180-23:59dourogas.pt
MirandelaEm 603+3512591009180-23:59dourogas.pt CNG/LNG
PalmelaCircular Sul à Autoeuropa Q.ta da Marquesa IVdourogasgnv.pt/postos/#palmela
PortoR. Eng. Luís Delgado dos Santos Francosdourogasgnv.pt/postos/#francos-porto
PortoA4 direction Matosinhos Vila Real+351961231258Week days 9-12 and 14-17galp.pt Cash and debit card 0.89EUR / Nm3
Santa Maria da FeiraEstrada Nacional 1 - Mozelos+3512591009180-23:59dourogas.pt CNG/LNG
Vila RealRua do Couto+351808508050dourogasgnv.pt/postos/#vila-real
Vilar FormosoArea de Serviço BPdourogasgnv.pt/postos/#vilar

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  1. Silva Asa

    There are some other stations not marked in this map:

    Porto- A4 direction Matosinhos Vila Real 41°12’15.3″N 8°38’22.1″W. Galp – 24/7 cash/credit/debit

    Braga- Municipal Bus company TUB
    Rua Quinta de Sta. Maria –
    4700-244 Braga
    Week days 9-12 and 14-17h
    Cash and debit card
    0.89EUR / Nm3


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