Map of CNG filling stations in Hungary
CNG állomás Magyarországon

Hungary last updated 10.2018 – 16 CNG stations, average price 1.12 €/kg

BudapestKobanyai ut 55.+36703737859;+3614332609Every Day 0-23:59Name: MOL
BudapestBudaorsi ut 128-134+3612462895Every Day 7-22Name: Agip
BudapestOcsai utEvery Day: 7-24Name: Shell-Blue Green Way
BudapestBecsi ut 252Every Day: 6-23Name: Shell-Blue Green Way
GodNemeskeri-Kiss Miklos u. 108+36305726105Every Day 6-22Name: Eco Smart CNG
GyorPuskas T. u. 39+3696503165;+3696503100!!!Closed!!!386Ft/kg (1.23 EUR/Kg)
Name: GDF-Suez
KecskemetVarosfold ut 92 Direct Motorway M% connection (5 km) to the CNG filling station at Mercedes-Benz factory Kecskemet! How to find: Road M5 -> Road 54 -> towards the city Kecskmeet and (200m) on your right+3676412210(hungarian); +36309654340(english)Every Day: 7-17Name: Olajdepo Kecskemet
KeszthelyCsapas ut 3Every Day 8-22Name:Blue Green Way
MiskolcSzondy Gyorgy u 18Every Day 0-23:59Name:MVK
NagykanizsaKalmár u. 6Every Day 8-17Name:Blue Green Way Price/kg: 345 HUF (H-Gas)
NagytarcsaNaplas ut 1+36204145462Every Day 5-23Name: Blue Green Way
SzegedVásárhelyi Pál út 3-5+3662569636Work Days 0-23:59Name: Iris Energy Szeged
Szigetszentmiklósutca 4-6 Kantor GAS Station+3623502400Every Day 0-23:59Name: Iris Energy
VecsésFő út (4-es út)+3629355575Every Day The station is located at the border of Budapestnear Liszt Ferenc Airport.
VecsésÜllői u. 812+36309581902Every Day 305 HUF/kg 0.94 EUR/kg 15.10.18
ZalaegerszegZrínyi Miklós u. 34ÉNYKK

12 thoughts on “Hungary

  1. Zsolt

    Budapest “Kobanyai ut 55.” and “Budaorsi ut 128-134” price: 315 HUF
    Szigetszintmiklos at daytime: 345 HUF/kg.
    Szigetszintmiklos at nighttime: 359 HUF/kg.

  2. Jozin

    Blue Green Way opened a new CNG station in
    H 8800 Nagykanizsa
    Kalmár utca 5.
    Price/kg: 345 HUF (H-Gas)
    Open since 8th May 2017.
    Opening Hours: Every day 8-22
    Payment with: cash, Maestro, Mastercard, Visa, American Express.

  3. Zs

    “Can Szigetszintmiklos or Kobanyai ut 55 pay by credit card?”
    Answer: Yes, we can! 🙂
    City is called: “Szigetszentmiklos”. “e” instead of “i”!

  4. Tamas Dosay

    Már megnyitott Vecsésen a Mol legújabb töltőállomása !! De tudomásom szerint viszont Győrben nem működik ! Bezárt !

  5. Andrei

    in Hungary in City: Miskolc
    Address: Szondy Gyorgy u 18 refused to refuel a light car twice. they said that they have a station only for buses
    I ask you to mark on your map because I’ve doubled 75 km more to get to the station and back to the station!
    thank !!


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