Moldova CNG filling stations, Moldova CNG benzinării

last updated 09.2014 – 16 stations average price 0.40 €/kg

  • Bender ,17 Moscova Street,+37355243354,
  • Balti,35 Sofia Street,+37323146169, Non-stop; Credit Card: Ok
  • Cismea , M2
  • Chisinau,19 Gradina Botanica Street,+373 22 428171, Non-stop; Credit Card: Ok
  • Chisinau,151 Vadul Lui Voda Street,+373 22 300 473, Non-stop; Credit Card: Ok
  • Chisinau,26 Gradina Botanica Street,+37322473824, Credit Card Ok; Lukoil Card,
  • Chisinau,16 Calea Basarabiei Street,+37322546547,,
  • Chisinau,28 Calea Iesilor Street,+37322593023, Credit Card Ok; Lukoil Card,
  • Comrat, Bugeac Village,+373 298 93546, Non-stop: Credit Card: Ok
  • Drochia, Village Tarigrad,+37325265292, From 8 To 18; Credit Card: Ok
  • Hancesti, Bozieni Road,+373 269 93235, Non-stop; Credit Card: Ok
  • Ialoveni , E 584 ,+37326826769 , Credit Card Ok; Lukoil Card
  • Orhei, Seliste Village,+373 235 93617, Non-stop; Credit Card: Ok
  • Stauceni , M 2 ,+37322931758 , Credit Card Ok; Lukoil Card
  • Tiraspol , 103 Sevcenko Street,+37353355713,
  • Varniеta, R2
  • 13 thoughts on “Moldova

    1. Abdul sattar

      I am interested to enter in cng business in Moldova. I want to open a workshop to convet vehicles on cng. I am already that business in different countries like Pakista,Bangladesh and Georgia as well

      1. Sandu

        I’m sorry but in chisinau are a lot of workshops which convert vehicles on lpg and cng.
        but if you are a producer or wholeseller of cng equipment you realy have chances to compete in this business.Write me on e-mail and i’ll give you some information

    2. Marian

      The cheapest cng stations are Transautogaz with selfservice. They are located in Chisinau, Vadul lui Voda street at the city exit and in city of Balti. Best pressure you will find at Albisoara street, near V. Alecsandri intersection.


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