Great Britain

Great Britain CNG filling stations

last updated 6.2021 – 7 CNG stations

CreweWeston Road+447971541000Every Day
DaventryA5 - DIRFT+447738683437Every Day 0-24Must make prior arrangements
LeylandWigan Rd (J28/M6)+447971541000Every Day
NottinghamPrivate Road Number 7 - Colwick Industrial Estate+441158225530Work Days 8-17 Holidays-closedfor refuelling station enquiries: Must make prior arrangements
SwindonEuropa Industrial Park - Radway Road+441793834444Every Day 0-24Must make prior arrangements
WarringtonSkyline Dr; BurtonwoodEvery Day
WincantonGoulds House Horsington Wincanton Somerset BA8 0EW+447466600401By appointment only. But available 24/7 to

15 thoughts on “Great Britain

  1. Malgorzata Kaczmarek

    Can You please give the Andover – address ? I’m going next month to Southhampton with my little CNG-C3 🙂 / Koennen Sie bitte die Adresse fuer die CNG-Station in Andover bekanntgeben? Ich bin im Februar in
    Southampton – Danke 🙂

    1. bish

      Unit 2c Macadam Way – West Portway Industrial Estate

      Hi. I have a relative who is traveling from Germany to Southampton soon. Did you fill your car up in Andover?

  2. Deffontaine

    I confirm that the filling station of Dartfort is only private. England is a total disaster to find any CNG station. Even the normal petrol company cann’t give you any info about CNG. They even don’t know the meaning of this word and if they know, they confusted it with LPG.

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  4. Zdeněk rezac

    Uk is a backward country. CNG is Europe’s perfectly normal. The UK is not really neither station freely accessible to third parties. I contacted all the stations .crewe .London .wincanton. I traveled by car to CNG from the entire UK London to Orkney. Everything only on gasoline. ALL stations is only private . UK ist BAD–

  5. Zdeněk rezac

    In the UK it is not refuel CNG. There is not even one CNG station .Stanice in london is empty parking lot and there’s nothing there. CREWE is only functional but refueling is not realistic. What a pity.

  6. V70 Fella

    You will find the UK a CNG desert. Crewe is account only and the others are closed to the public. Say CNG to anyone in the UK and they will think you are talking about LPG. CNG in the UK does not really exist. For LNG you will find 5-6 filling stations but again account only.

    Gasrec’s station at the Daventry International Rail Freight Terminal (DIRFT) adjacent to J18 on the M1 is the only plaace to get CNG in the UK open access but when I tried, and was to be account only soon.

  7. Jonathan

    Hello Sirs,

    My name’s Jonathan and probably i’ll go in Sheffield for work, I have a mercedes a Class transformed and
    i need the name and the email of the refuiling station of Seffield.

    Can you gently help me?

    Thanks a lot e best regards

  8. Ewout

    What are all the private ones used for, is somebody out there helped with their adresses? Its a bit confusing.
    Pity there is no CNG to find in the uk, i’ll have to plan my trip elsewhere…


  9. sudor

    i am doing a msc research on the topic—-use of cng in automobiles and haulage. a case study in the uk. please can anyone give me information concerning the statistics of cng usage in the uk? i am a foreign student and have searched the internet thoroughly for materials but only tend to see more on u.s cng.
    uk residents and nationals should be of help to me please and those using cng vehicles. its a challenging and interesting area of study and i want to learn it extensively. thanks for your comments. my email is

  10. Pascal

    Hello, ich want to drive to Scotland through England starting in Dover with my Seat Leon CNG.
    Where can i get CNG ?


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