Serbia CNG Natural gas filling stations, Србија CNG пумпи

last updated 6.2020 – average price 0,80€/kg(94RSD); (old prices:0,77€/kg-12.2018; 0,74€/kg-5.2018; 0,73€/kg-03.2017; 0,81€/kg-07.2016; 0,85€/kg -07.2015)

ArandjelovacKrcevacki put bb+38134705322Every Day 0-23:59
BeočinCementaška bb5-23Darzal Komerc 93 RSD /kg. NGV1 & NGV2. Cash only (RSD)!
BeogradVladimira Tomanovica 20+381113474000Every Day 0-23:59Slap
BeogradIbarska Magistrala Bb+381112762752Every Day 0-23:59; Credit Card
BeogradDragoslava Srejovica 1+381112765842Every Day
BeogradTrgovačka 91+381800008888Every Day
BeogradBulevar Jurija Gagarina bb blok 45+381800008888Every Day
BeogradZeleznicka bb+381648292927Every Day 0-23:59
BrestovacBrestovac BB+381648162197Every Day
CacakBeogradska bb0800/008-888Every Day 0-23:59
CacakNikole Tesle 17+38132379250Every Day 0-23:59
Gornji MilanovacKorcaginovo naselje 98+38132718299Every Day 0-23:59Lika
Indjijast. Save Kovacevica 59+38122560730Every Day 92 RSD/kg (0.78 euro/kg) 15.10.18
JagodinaItalijanska+38135254564Every Day NGV1 and NGV conectors
KragujevacDragoslava Srejovica 55+38134501077Every Day 6-24Avtocentar
KragujevacLepenicki bulevar+381117152230Every Day 0-23:59Petrol
KrusevacJasicki Put Bb+381 37 3501603Every Day 0-23:59AS petrol
NisDimitrija Tucovica Bb+381628035721Every Day 0-23:59HC Gas Trade
Novi SadSentandrejski put bbNIS Petrol station
PancevoJabucki put 409+38113355547Every Day 0-23:59Ledi
PancevoBavanistanski Put 78 B+381652358416Every Day 0-23:59Bedem Prevoz
ParaćinNemanjina bb+38135561171Every Day 0-23:59Mihajlović
SabacBeogradski put bb015/344-400Every Day 0-23:59B.S. Slap Dumaca
SuboticaDorda Natosevica+38124686845Every Day
TrstenikKneginje Milice+38137624566Every Day 0-23:59
ZrenjaninBeogradski Put Bb+38123533325Every Day 0-23:59; Credit Card 0-23:59

20 thoughts on “Serbia

  1. Ђикела

    Phone number on station Ibarska magistrala is +381112560875, and station Omladinskih brigada 102 is behind Mega market Rodić.

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  3. Никола

    New station in Serbia, first station in second largest city – Novi Sad. It’s NIS Petrol station, coordinates are:
    Address is Sentandrejski put bb.

    1. Damir

      The gas station is still working on regular basis, but there’s a problems with CNG filling. The pressure is often insufficient to fulfill the vehicle tanks. Long waits in line, so be prepared to sit 20-45 minutes to get it done.

  4. vladar

    Prices are lower that listed. In Belgrade price is 0.65 € on all 3 stations and in Čačak 0.74 on both.
    Cacak has new station station, NIS on the road do Ivanjica.

  5. Никола

    Remove Niš From Serbia map. It is closed more than year. You are confusing people, especially foreigners who travel through Serbia.

  6. YNG

    New CNG filling station has recently started working in Belgrade on NIS petrol station, Trgovacka street, Zarkovo near cemetery.

  7. Damir

    NIS, Sentandrejski Put bb Novi Sad, 93,00 RSD (~ 0,79 €)
    Taxi Petrol Beogradska, Zrenjanin, 97,00 RSD (~ 0,82 €)


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