North Macedonia

North Macedonia CNG filling stations map, Карта на метан станциите в Северна Македония

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BitolaMakedonska Falanga+38947202830Every Day
BogorodicaBorder Bogorodica 3+38923153046Every Day
KumanovoIII Makedonska Udarna Brigada+38931437860Every Day
Petrovecul 18 Cojlija Petrovec+3893153169Every Day
PrilepMosa Pijade br 232+38923153094Every Day
SkopjeBoulevard Partizanski Odredi bb+38922050992Every Day
SkopjeBoulevard Partizanski Odredi 82+38923090166Every Day
SkopjeAleksandar MakedonskiEvery Day
StipIndustrial zone Makedonka+38971334873Every Day 0-23:59EkoGas

15 thoughts on “North Macedonia

  1. shkembim

    please open a CNG-station in Kosovo (Prishtina, Ferizaj-Urosevac)

    There is a lot of air pollution due to the large quantities of diesel cars…

  2. Goran Tomic

    There is no CNG in Gevgelia yet. Station have CNG sign but doesn’t fil yet. Anybody have information when it will start working?

  3. Marko


    2.16 EUR / 1 KG

    Be aware that price has raised, since the beginning of 2022 year

  4. Никола

    Makpetrol Kumanovo and Gevgelija, price of CNG on 01.07.2023. Is 62 den/kg (1 €/kg)


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