New CNG Station Coordinates In Serbia

Map Icon ImageSome gps coordinates info was fixed in Serbia map. Ther is one new CNG filling station in Serbia. It is in the southern part of the contry in the city of Niš which is very close to highway E-75. The adress is Niš, Intergas komerc, Dimitrija Tucovića bb (near market Metro), phone number 018/415-0405, 0-24 h. Price is 96 din/kg.

This message was received from our serbian friend Dule. Thank you for your help.

One thought on “New CNG Station Coordinates In Serbia

  1. Никола

    This price on station in Nis is outdated. It is more than two years old. Present price is 110 RSD (04.07.2015.). 1€=120RSD


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