LNG (GNL) terminals Europe

LNG – liquefied natural gas; verflüssigtes Erdgas(De); Vloeibaar aardgas(Nl); Flytande naturgas(Sve); Flytende naturgass(Nor)
GNL – gas natural licuado(Esp); Gaz Naturel Liquéfié(Fr); gas naturale liquefatto(It); gás natural liquefeito(Por)

liquefied natural gas is a progressive, environmentally friendly and profitable alternative fuel

The benefits of driving on LNG:

  • LNG trucks are a lot more environment-friendly than Euro-VI diesel trucks
  • LNG trucks are quieter than diesel trucks
  • LNG is safer than many other fuels
  • The LNG truck is cost-effective

LNG production is simpler and costs less than the production of diesel from petroleum. It typically provides a cost saving of around 30-40% compared to diesel. A LNG truck has an action radius of 750 km and with the installation of a second LNG tank, the action radius is over 1300 km.

Clean transport
A truck that operates on LNG / Bio-LNG complies with the strictest international environmental standards. The combustion of liquid methane produces less harmful emissions than the combustion of diesel or gasoline. An additional advantage is that these trucks can enter the international environmental zones of cities. Thus, fines are avoided and investment in expensive soot filters is no longer required. A truck on LNG / Bio-LNG reaches an even better standard than Euro-VI. The latest dedicated gas vehicles reduce carbon emissions (CO2) by up to 30% – while the addition of waste derived biomethane into the mix can increase this to 70%. Significant reductions in nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions of up to 35% are also common, as is the virtual elimination of harmful particulate matter (PM) emissions.

With regard to the maximum noise produced by trucks, stricter rules still apply. In addition to their environmental and economic benefits, natural gas vehicles are also inherently quiet and well suited to deliveries in towns and cities during the night. Mainly, distribution traffic has a lot to do with this. In order to be able to organize a flexible supply and discharge of goods, the truck must be quiet. The truck on LNG / Bio-LNG has a PIC certificate. This means that loading and unloading with this truck at more times is allowed. The use of these trucks can thus take place much more flexibly. A LNG / Bio-LNG truck is 70% quieter than a similar diesel truck.

The production, transport, tanking and driving of LNG / Bio-LNG is extremely safe. Traditionally, a deep rooted fear of gas prevails. Natural gas is flammable and therefore dangerous, like gasoline / LPG, diesel and gasoline. The last three fuels are heavier than air. When they come into contact with the outside air, they remain in the area or lay on the ground in liquid state. If a spark is released, the fuel can ignite. LNG / Bio-LNG is only flammable when heated and evaporated. In gaseous condition, natural gas is lighter than air and rises, away from a potential
ignition source.

LNG (GNL) price 0.95-1.1 €/kg
lng terminals europe map:

lng terminals europe list

AbreraCarrer Salvador Segui 1+34937704760Work Days 6-22; Holidays 7-15ham.es CNG/LNG
AlconburyPE28 4WD; Track stop Alconbury Service+442070428360Must make prior arrangementsenneu.com
Alenquer CarregadoEstrada Nacional N1 - Loc. Carregado Norte+3518081000630-23:59dourogas.pt CNG/LNG
AlgecirasPolígono Industrial La Menacha; Carretera Nacional 340; Km. 11+34956060439Credit Card 0-23:59samalgeciras.com
Alicante - San IsidroAntonio Machado 31 Pol. Ind. La Granadina+34900402020Credit Card 0-23:59gasnaturalfenosa.es CNG/LNG
AlkmaarSmaragdweg 1+31725406735Credit Card 0-23:59fuwell.nl gotexaco.nl CNG/LNG
AloveraCtra. GU-105 enlace con N-II P.K. 47.00+34949297368Every Day 5-23galpenergia.com CNG/LNG
ÄlvsjöVaruvägen 2+4687270649Work Days 7-16; Holidays Closedaga.se
AmsterdamRadarweg 8+3190020227100-23:59shell.nl LNG-only
ApeldoornEcofactorij 13Credit Card 0-23:59Texaco CNG/LNG
AuxerreRue de la Plaine des Isles+33386421084Every Day 0-24picq-charbonnier.com CNG/LNG
AzambujaE.N.3 km 8.9+3512634186310-23:59galp.pt CNG/LNG
BarcelonaCalle B n 15 Zona Franca (Gasolinera Camion)+34900402020Credit Card 0-23:59gasnaturalfenosa.es CNG/LNG
Berkel-EnschotSchepersvenweg 7+31183583446Credit Card 0-23:59rolandelng.nl LNG/CNG
BondoufleRue des Bordes+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only 00-24Engie.com CNG/LNG
BorculoNettelhorsterweg 11+31545275668Work Days 6:30-21; Holidays 9-21brandoil.nl LNG/CNG
Botlek RotterdamTweedweg 10Credit Card 0-23:59Q8 LNG-only
BristolBS11 0YT+447867500990Must make prior arrangementsnick.power@boc.com boconline.co.uk
BristolBS16 7FE; Emerald Park; Folly Brook Rd+447738683437Must make prior arrangementsmhunt@gasrec.co.uk
BristolBS35 4BH; M48 J1; Aust Motorway Services Area-Aust+441635275420Must make prior arrangementscalor.co.uk
BurgosN-I KM 247+34947473302Credit Card 0-23:59beroil.es
Castel San Pietro TermeVia Malvezza 90+393395201572Credit Card 0-23:59hamitalia.com
Castellon de la PlanaCalle Dinamarca 9+34964341100Credit Card 0-23:59tmonfort.es CNG/LNG
Castets870 Rue des Mousquetaires+33181932800Every Day 00-24gasnaturalfenosa.com CNG/LNG
CastlefordWF10 5QH; Wakefield Euro Port California Drive+441635275420Must make prior arrangementscalor.co.uk
CheshireWA13 0TE; Poplar 2000 Ltd; Cliffe Lane; Lymm+441635275420Must make prior arrangementscalor.co.uk
Concelho De MirandelaEm 603+3512539998710-23:59dourogas.pt CNG/LNG
CorridoniaSS 77 KM 95+670 Dir. TolentinoCredit Card 0-23:59Esso CNG/LNG
CorridoniaSS 77 KM 95+654 Dir. Civitanova MarcheCredit Card 0-23:59Esso CNG/LNG
DelfgauwLaan van Ruyven 1Credit Card 0-23:59shell.nl LNG-only
DerbyDE74 2TN; M1 Castle Donington+447970357284Must make prior arrangementsmgilks@calor.co.uk
DoesburgVerhuellweg 5+31313483999Credit Card 0-23:59rotra.eu
DoncasterDN11 9HE High Common Ln DHL+447867500990Must make prior arrangementsnick.power@boc.com
DuivenRoelofshoeveweg 17+31887692016Credit Card 0-23:59engie.com LNG-only
Duttlenheim1 rue Denis PapinEvery Day 00-24AirLiquide.com CNG/LNG
EindhovenDe Schakel 30Credit Card 0-23:59shell.nl
ElblągBursztynowa 2+48552333320Every Day 0-24lotos.pl
Elvas - CaiaLugar de Caia+3512591009180-23:59dourogas.pt CNG/LNG
EnfieldEN3 7XQ; 6 Mollison Ave+447738683437Must make prior arrangementsmhunt@gasrec.co.uk
EnnsDonaustrase 3+43722384151100Credit Card 0-23:59ennshafen.at; rag-austria.at
FenePI Vilar do Colo Av Astano Parcela B3+349377047600-23:59ham.es LNG-only
Fleville devant Nancy80 Rue Jean ProuveEvery Day 00-24AirLiquide.com CNG/LNG
Fos-sur-MerRoute des Plages+33442057371Credit Card 0-23:59engie.com
GaëlParc d'Activités le Chêne+33476436030Every Day 0-24airliquide.com CNG/LNG
GeldermalsenPlettenburglaan 1+311835834460-23:59rolandelng.nl LNG-only
Gera LarioVia Trivio Di Fuentes 3+393738390393Credit Card 0-23:59progettolng.com
GranthamNG32 2AB; A1 Gonerby Moor+441635275420Must make prior arrangementscalor.co.uk
Grünheide (Mark)Eichenstraße 3+49211732751112Credit Card 0-23:59liqvis.com
HeerenveenPluto 3+31887692016Credit Card 0-23:59engie.com
HelsinkiProvianttikatu 6+358204471Credit Card 0-23:59Gasum.fi
Hisings BackaImportgatan 2 - Stigs Center+46771520100Credit Card 0-23:59fordonsgas.se
IrunAntxotxipi Kalea 4+34943665672Credit Card 0-23:59ham.es LNG-only
JärnaTrafikplatsen E4+468551501410-24Statoil CNG/LNG
JönköpingKraftgatan 11+46771520200Automat 0-24fordonsgas.se
JyväskyläMetsälehmuksentie 9+358204471Unmanned 0-23:59Credit Card-only Gasum.fi
Kallo - AntwerpSteenlandlaan 3+32494896996Credit Card 0-23:59total.be
KilsbyNN6 7BZ; A5 DIRFT+447738683437Must make prior arrangementsmhunt@gasrec.co.uk
KnottingleyWF11 8UL; Willow Garth Park - Kirkhaw Lane+441977674747Must make prior arrangements
KorsholmStormossenintie 1+358200801000-23:59neste.fi
LeeuwardenMorseweg 1c+31517232735Credit Card 0-23:59orangegas.nl firezone.nl CNG/LNG
Lesquin200 Rue du Pic au VentEvery Day 00-24AirLiquide.com CNG/LNG
LimogesAire de Beaune Les Mines+33555366160Every Day 0-24avia-france.fr CNG/LNG
LockerbieDG11 2SL; JohnstoneBridge; Lockerbie Lorry Park+441635275420Must make prior arrangementscalor.co.uk
MatosinhosA4 Highway - South Side km 3.8 and 4.1 near Nó de Custóias /Via Norte+3519612324650-23:59galp.pt CNG/LNG
MiddlesbroughTS6 7RT Tees Dock Rd+447867500990Must make prior arrangementsnick.power@boc.com
Migne Auxences123 Rue des Entreprises+33181932800Every day 00-24gasnaturalfenosa.com CNG/LNG
ModenaStr. Canaletto Nord 678+3959314209Every Day 0-24snam.it
Motilla del PalancarCtra. Albacete 15+34900402020Credit Card 0-23:59gasnaturalfenosa.es CNG/LNG
Nanclares de la OcaCamino Termino de Subillabide 2+34945365566Credit Card 0-23:59gasnaturalfenosa.es Eurocam CNG/LNG
NieuwegeinInundatiedok 37+31183583446Must make prior arrangementstanken@rolandelng.nl LNG-only
Nimes207 Rue Ambroise Pare+33810001224unmanned; Credit Card-only 00-24Engie.com LNG-only
NocetoSS 9 Via Emilia+39521645636Work Days 7-21; Holidays 8-18pizzaferripetroli.it CNG/LNG
Novi LigureStrada per Bosco Marengo+393395201572Credit Card 0-23:59hamitalia.com
OlaberriaBarrio Yurre s/n+34943880161Credit Card 0-23:59AVIA CNG/LNG
OlsztynTowarowa 21+48570125777Every Day 0-24kdd-olsztyn.com.pl CNG-LNG
ÖrebroBerglundavägen 3+46736786919Credit Card 0-23:59energigas.se
OssWaalkade 12+31207470178Must make prior arrangementsenneu.com
PadovaGalleria Spagna 15+39337527941liquimet.it
PiacenzaVia Caorsana 41+39523594271Credit Card 0-23:59Eni CNG/LNG
Picoto (Vila Nova de Gaia)Estrada Nacional 1 - Mozelos+3512591009180-23:59dourogas.pt CNG/LNG
PontederaSGC Firenze - Pisa - Livorno+39587291600Credit Card 0-23:59Eni CNG/LNG
Riba-roja de TuriaCarrer dels Pedrapiquers 2++34900402020Credit Card 0-23:59gasnaturalfenosa.es CNG/LNG
RiminiVia Flaminia 189A+39541411524Every Day 0-24Eni CNG/LNG
RotterdamWaalhaven Z.Z. 76+319002022710Credit Card 0-23:59shell.nl
RotterdamMaasvlakteweg 991+31181799035Credit Card 0-23:59gateterminal.com
RungisPlace de la Logistique(SOGARIS)+33155985620unmanned; Credit Card-only 00-24Engie.com CNG/LNG
Santa Perpetua de MogodaCarrer de Guifre el Pilos+34900402020Credit Card 0-23:59gasnaturalfenosa.es CNG/LNG
SaronnoVia A. Parma 4+392468851Every Day 0-24getoil.it
ScunthorpeDN15 9YA; Nisa Warehouse - Nisa Way+447738683437Must make prior arrangementsmhunt@gasrec.co.uk
SevillaEstacion GNL Enlace entre SE30 y A-92 km.3+34937704760Credit Card 0-23:59ham.es LNG-only
SomersetTA6 6DF; Market Way+447738683437Must make prior arrangementsmhunt@gasrec.co.uk
ŚremMateuszewo+48612828241Work Days 7:00 - 15:00; Holidays Closedpgk.srem.pl/Stacja-CNG-LNG
SundsvallSjöfartsvägen 7+4660193500Credit Card 0-23:59sca.com aga.se
SwindonSN3 4QS; Highworth Rd - B&Q+447738683437Must make prior arrangementsmhunt@gasrec.co.uk
TarragonaPoligono Industrial Carrer del Sofre 5+34937704760Work Days 6-22; Holidays 7-15ham.es CNG/LNG
TilburgSchepersvenweg 7; Berkel-Enschot+31183583446Must make prior arrangementstanken@rolandelng.nl CNG/LNG
Torremocha Del CampoN-II Km. 117. E.S. Petromiralles+34949396055Credit Card 0-23:59ham.es CNG/LNG
Tres CantosAutovia Tres Cantos-Colmenar Viejo+34937704760Credit Card 0-23:59ham.es LNG-only
TurkuTuontiväylä 2+358204471Credit Card 0-23:59Gasum.fi CNG/LNG
UlmNicolaus-Otto-Straße 27+497314080Every Day 0-24iveco-magirus.de
UtrechtDe Heldinnenlaan 2+31183583446Credit Card 0-23:59rolandelng.nl LNG/CNG
Valencia - AlaquasCalle Mariana Pineda+34937704760Credit Card 0-23:59ham.es LNG-only
VantaaTuupakantie 25+358204471Unmanned 0-23:59Credit Card-only Gasum.fi
VeghelDoornhoek 4050+31492341221Credit Card 0-23:59vankesselolie.nl rolandelng.nl LNG/CNG
VeurneWelvaartstraat 5+3258335112Credit Card 0-23:59romacfuels.com
VillafallettoVia Circonvallazione Est 18/A+39171938248Credit Card 0-23:59Eni CNG/LNG
WaalwijkSpuiweg 25shell.nl LNG-only
WarringtonWA4 4TQ Stretton Green Distribution Park Langford Way Appleton+447867500990Must make prior arrangementsnick.power@boc.com
WarszawaOstrobramska 38+48225013770Every Day 0-24mza.waw.pl
WolverhamptonWV10 7LZ; Shareshill; Cannock Rd+441635275420Must make prior arrangementscalor.co.uk
ZaandamHoofdtocht 1+31207470178Must make prior arrangementsenneu.com
ZaragozaAutovia Nordeste 0 Km 328 (A-2)+34976570930Credit Card 0-23:59viagas.es CNG/LNG
ZierbenaRefradigas Kalea 3+34946366224Credit Card 0-23:59ham.es CNG/LNG
ZwolleKleefstraat 7+310304100800Credit Card 0-23:59pitpoint.nl LNG-only