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Natural Gas Vehicle (NVG) and Compressed natural gas (CNG) erlated news

ŠKODA OCTAVIA G-TEC now boasts a new more powerful 1.5 TSI engine

Exclusively available with a COMBI body and the Active, Ambition or Style equipment lines, the ŠKODA OCTAVIA G-TEC achieves a range of 480 kilometres in its more eco-friendly pure CNG mode.

ŠKODA OCTAVIA G-TECThe new 1.5-litre engine in the ŠKODA OCTAVIA G-TEC has an output of 96 kW (130 PS) – 15 kW (20 PS) more than its predecessor. Thanks to variable intake valve timing with Miller cycle operation, it is also very efficient. In CNG mode, CO2 emissions are reduced even further, by around 25 per cent compared to petrol, with considerably lower nitrogen oxide (NOx) output and no particulate emissions. As a result, the ŠKODA OCTAVIA G-TEC complies with EU6d-TEMP, the most stringent current emissions standard, making it an eco-friendly alternative to cars running on conventional fuels.
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Denisson Energy start the construction of the first public CNG power station in Bucharest

Denisson Energy, member of Antares Group, and the Association NGVA Romania start the construction of the first public CNG power station, in Bucharest

Denisson-EnergyDenisson Energy SRL, member of Antares Group, and the Association NGVA Romania officially announce the start of construction works for the first CNG station, of the 9 refuelling stations network to be built according to the CNG Romania Project.
The station will be built in Kika Militari area, next to A1 Motorway Piteşti – Bucharest, 700 m from the Hornbach Militari roundabout, with easy access from both directions: Bucharest Ring Road and A1 Motorway, as well as from the entrance / exit direction from Bucharest.
The location of the station subscribes to the project strategy to serve the transit on pan-European corridors as well as the urban traffic.
The station will be the first of the nine CNG stations, planned to be built in Bucharest, Arad, Timisoara, Deva, Pitesti, Constanta, Craiova, Drobeta Turnu Severin and Sibiu, according to the project and them will be fully operational by the end of 2019.
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ENGIE opens their first Romanian CNG station

ENGIE launches a green mobility solution, compressed natural gas for vehicles, and inaugurates its first station dedicated to this alternative fuel in Romania.


In the context of a growing concern to protect the environment and to reduce carbon emissions and traffic-related nitrogen oxides, ENGIE proposes an innovative and optimal solution for transport: compressed natural gas for vehicles.

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Belgium now has 100 CNG stations

Belgian fuel station network DATS 24 has opened its 60th compressed natural gas (CNG) station in the town of Heverlee, marking the country’s 100th CNG station. By 2020, Belgium is forecast to have a network of 170 stations.

DATS 24 is set to open 15 CNG filling stations more this year, and while most sites are in Flanders, it has also applied corresponding permits to continue expanding along the main roads in Wallonia, according to a company release.
“With the current development of the CNG network, it is becoming feasible for everyone to switch to natural gas,” said Juan Vazquez, general manager of sector federation
Government data revealed that there are 81,704 hybrid vehicles, 10,960 CNG vehicles and 9,422 electric vehicles on Belgian roads as of April 2018.
“CNG cars offer a few major advantages: they are cheaper and can be used everywhere and they contribute substantially to a healthier environment”, said Raf Flebus, Business Unit Manager at DATS 24.

DATS 24, a subsidiary of Colruyt Group, has a network of 120 service stations in Belgium and 37 stations in France.


Shell opens its first Belgian LNG station for trucks in Herstal

BRUSSELS – Shell today announced the opening of its first Belgian LNG (liquefied natural gas) station in Herstal, Liège. Catering to trucks, the station is located near the three-border point at the E313, a key route for international road freight. The new station has a capacity of 3.5 KT of LNG and can supply 150 trucks with LNG daily.

“LNG fuel is an important option for transport companies,” says Laurent Charlot, Commercial Director, Shell Belgium. “Shell is committed to thriving throughout the energy transition and LNG will play an increasing role in the energy mix. We expect demand for LNG to grow and continue to work with truck manufacturers, customers and policymakers to promote the use of LNG as a cleaner-burning and more affordable transport fuel. The station in Herstal is an important step in the further expansion of our network of LNG stations in Europe.”
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Volkswagen presents progressive natural gas engine at the Vienna Motor Symposium

The new natural gas 1.5 TGI Evo high-tech engine featuring VTG turbocharger and Miller combustion process.

VW 1.5 TGI EvoThe 1.5-litre direct injector, fitted with VTG forced induction (latest-generation turbochargers with variable turbine geometry), is based on the 1.5 TSI ACT BlueMotion engine. Like its counterpart, the equally powerful natural gas engine, at 96 kW/130 hp, uses the efficient TSI/TGI Miller combustion process.
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Eesti gaas was the first to launch biomethane sales in Estonia

Eesti Gaas opened the first gas station in Estonia that also sells green gas, i.e. biomethane, at Tehnika 150 in the centre of Tallinn.

eestigaasKalle Palling, the vice-chairman of the Environment Committee of Riigikogu, attending the opening ceremony was delighted that from now on, it will be possible to buy fuel of local origin from renewable energy sources at the gas stations of Eesti Gaas. “The Republic of Estonia has undertaken obligation to cover at least 10% of its liquid fuel use in transportation with fuel from renewable energy sources by the year of 2020 and about a third of it would be biomethane. Therefore I hope that Estonians who value environmental awareness more and more will also quickly come around to biomethane,” said Palling.
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Denisson Energy and NGVA Romania present CNG Romania project at SIAB 2018

Denisson Energy, a member of Antares Group, and the Natural Gas Vehicles Association – NGVA Romania will present CNG Romania project at the Bucharest International Motor Show – SIAB 2018, from March 23 to April 1st. Participating in this event is part of the project’s promotion and dissemination activities, presenting optimal solutions for switching from traditional fuels to alternative fuels and their significant benefits.

Denisson-EnergyDisplaying in an exhibition stand of compressed natural gas as an alternative solution to traditional fuels is a first in Romania. In a friendly setting, at stand 5b in the B2 pavilion, visitors will be able to get acquainted with the future public stations of the CNG Romania network and will be offered information on the project’s objectives, the location of the stations, the status of each station, etc.
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Valvoline Launches Engine Oil Approved for Use in Natural Gas, Diesel and Gas Heavy Duty Engines

Premium Blue One Solution™ 9200 is a unique engine oil delivering on the company’s longstanding commitment to meet changing industry and engine technology needs

Valvoline LogoValvoline Inc. – a leading worldwide supplier of premium branded lubricants and automotive services – today introduced Valvoline™ Premium Blue One Solution™ 9200, an engine oil approved for use in natural gas, API CK-4 application diesel and API SN application gas fleet engines.

“The purpose of Premium Blue One Solution is to dramatically simplify the fill process for fleet managers, enabling one proven product to be used across a number of engine applications,” said David Young, vice president of Valvoline Heavy Duty. “We’ve taken our innovation to the next step in terms of natural gas engine oil, bringing a new brand product to the marketplace.”

The new Premium Blue One Solution was officially unveiled today at a press conference during the TMC Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition in Atlanta, Georgia.

“In our 150-plus years, we have consistently focused on innovation to develop better products and solve the business challenges of our customers,” said Heidi Matheys, Valvoline chief marketing officer. “With One Solution, we are pleased to introduce another unique product to the industry.”
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