Belgium now has 100 CNG stations

Belgian fuel station network DATS 24 has opened its 60th compressed natural gas (CNG) station in the town of Heverlee, marking the country’s 100th CNG station. By 2020, Belgium is forecast to have a network of 170 stations.

DATS 24 is set to open 15 CNG filling stations more this year, and while most sites are in Flanders, it has also applied corresponding permits to continue expanding along the main roads in Wallonia, according to a company release.
“With the current development of the CNG network, it is becoming feasible for everyone to switch to natural gas,” said Juan Vazquez, general manager of sector federation
Government data revealed that there are 81,704 hybrid vehicles, 10,960 CNG vehicles and 9,422 electric vehicles on Belgian roads as of April 2018.
“CNG cars offer a few major advantages: they are cheaper and can be used everywhere and they contribute substantially to a healthier environment”, said Raf Flebus, Business Unit Manager at DATS 24.

DATS 24, a subsidiary of Colruyt Group, has a network of 120 service stations in Belgium and 37 stations in France.


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